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Frequently Asked Questions2021-09-19T07:06:10+08:00
Can i cancel the job after receiving a confirmation?2021-09-16T18:14:20+08:00

Once a delivery agent has accepted your job, no cancellation is allowed, however you may contact the delivery agent to inform him of any changes. If you would like to cancel the job AFTER an agent has accepted, you may inform him as soon as possible and tap on Cancel button under Manage Delivery. Please note that last minute cancellation will be charged at 50% of the delivery fees, with a maximum cap of $10 on delivery fee, and if you have booked manpower, 50% of any manpower fees.

How do i print the waybill?2021-09-16T18:13:14+08:00

You may go under ‘Manage Delivery’ and click on ‘Print Waybill’. Please print and attached it to your parcel/document.

What is the pick up time frame/interval?2021-09-16T18:12:49+08:00

For Same Day, Next day, 2 Way Round Trip, and Specific Delivery Timeslot, the pickup timeframe is at least 4 hours. For 3 Hours, the pickup timeframe is at least 3 hours. For 1 Hour Rush, the pickup timeframe is at least 1 hour.

What is the maximum size limit?2021-09-16T18:12:27+08:00

As part of our workplace safety practices, the maximum dimensions and weight of each parcel is <200 cm (H+L+W) & max 25kg. If you have packages bigger than the maximum weight or dimensions, please repack them into 2 smaller parcels and make booking for 2 parcels to the same location. There will be discount for multiple parcels to same location.

How do i get a refund for credit card payments?2021-09-16T18:11:57+08:00

If your delivery request is cancelled, there will be a refund of credits to your E-wallet, and you can use this credits to pay for your next delivery request. If you do not wish to be refunded by credits, you may email to us at [email protected] for a refund back to your credit card. Please note that it takes 5-7 working days for refunds back to your credit card.

How do i apply for corporate account and request for monthly billing?2021-09-16T18:11:20+08:00

Monthly billing option is available for corporate customers only. We will invoice you at the end of the month for all the jobs requested. To apply for Corporate Account, please log into your account and click on ‘Corporate Account Request’. Please note that Corporate Account requires a minimum of 10 Deliveries/Month. If the minimum is not met, there will be a $10 admin fee charge per month. To know more details, please email to [email protected].

How do i add agent in my fleet list?2021-09-16T18:10:32+08:00

There will be an option for you to select whether you would like to add agent in My Fleet list after you make a review for the agent. You are able to see the list of your My Fleet& agents by clicking on the Favourite Agents.

How does the 2-way round trip works?2021-09-16T18:10:06+08:00

2 Way Round Trip is for customers who wish to have their parcels picked up from Point A and then delivering to Point B. After that to Pickup again from Point B and then delivering back to Point A.

If i have a delivery order (DO) to be returned to me after the delivery, what should i do?2021-09-16T18:09:41+08:00

If you require a delivery order to be returned, please either book a 2 way trip or you could provide a pre-paid (with paid stamp) envelope for the DO to be snail mailed back to you. We note that our agents are not obliged to make the return trip if you have booked a single/one way trip.

What happens if my delivery request is not accepted?2021-09-16T18:08:58+08:00

If the delivery request is not accepted, it means no available agent can deliver the parcel. Please repost at a different time. All unaccepted requests will be deleted at the end of the day.

What happens if i provided a wrong address?2021-09-16T18:08:24+08:00

If driver has arrived at a wrong Pickup address provided by customer, there is a 50% cancellation fee, capped at maximum of $10. If driver has arrived at a wrong Delivery address provided by the customer and needs to deliver to a new delivery address, there is a $8 new delivery charge or 50% fee payable for the new address, whichever is higher.

How long does it takes for my E-Wallet top up to be verified?2021-09-16T18:07:52+08:00

For E-wallet top up done by Bank Transfer or SGQR, it takes at least 1 working day for our Finance team to verify the payment from our bank. If you have used Giro Transfer, it may take up to 3 working days for the funds to be reflected in our bank account. For immediate top up, you may consider using Credit Card, however there are charges incurred using thus method.

Are there any tracking available for my parcel?2021-09-16T18:07:15+08:00

Yes, you will see the tracking number under your delivery request. You can view the status under Manage Deliveries or you can use that tracking number to view the status on our webpage

What are AP Logistics Operating hours?2021-09-16T18:06:45+08:00

AP Logistic’s app is 24/7! You can submit the delivery request anytime through our app. Our customer service is open from 9am – 6.30pm (Mon – Sun) and our delivery agents delivers on standard hours between 9am – 10pm. You may make bookings on public holidays but please note our customer service might be closed and we can attend to you only at the next working day.

What if the status of the parcel shows that it is “Undelivered”, will there be another delivery?2021-09-16T18:06:11+08:00

If the parcel is undelivered, our delivery agents will make another attempt within the next 3 working days.

Are there any tracking available for my parcel?2021-09-16T18:05:39+08:00

Yes, you will see the tracking number under your delivery request. You can view the status under Manage Deliveries or you can use that tracking number to view the status on our webpage. Also, you will receive email notifications along with the tracking number whenever there is a change in status of your package.

Do i need to pack my items?2021-09-16T18:05:01+08:00

Senders have to pack their items into a single package appropriately to prevent damage and all parcels have to be sealed up completely. Our delivery agents will pick up the item as it is. If it is fragile such as cannot be dropped or thrown, please label fragile and bubblewrap your item properly. Please label the address and any special instructions such as “Do Not Bend” & “Fragile”.

What can i ship with AP Logistic?2021-09-16T18:04:38+08:00

You can ship anything*. From a surprise to your loved ones to returning that bad online purchase. *Please refer to our prohibited list of items in the terms and conditions. Dangerous items such as explosives, guns, drugs etc cannot be delivered, you shouldn’t be holding on to them too!

Is there a user guide on how the AP Logistic Mobile Application?2021-09-16T18:03:55+08:00

Yes, you can download our user guide at the top right hand corner of the FAQ – ‘Download Customer Book’.

Where can i download the delivery history report?2021-09-16T18:03:25+08:00

You can download it by clicking on ‘Delivery History’ tab, and then select the date-range and click ‘download’.

What if my parcel is lost?2021-09-16T18:03:00+08:00

All our delivery assignments are tracked via GPS. In the unfortunate event that the parcel cannot be retrieved, we will compensate you the value of your parcel or S$100 per parcel, whichever lower.

Can i send multiple parcels, picking up from one location and then send to different locations?2021-09-16T18:02:40+08:00

Yes. You can add multiple parcels on your delivery request. Each parcel will have its own tracking number.

How do i get a receipt?2021-09-16T18:02:03+08:00

Receipt will be emailed to you once the delivery has been completed.

How do i know if my parcel has been delivered?2021-09-16T18:01:38+08:00

The status of the delivery will be updated on the mobile app. Once it has been delivered, you will receive a mobile and email notification and be able to view the delivery details. The delivery details includes the name, signature of the receiver who has signed off and the date/time of delivery.

How long will the order be saved?2021-09-16T18:00:59+08:00

All delivered orders will be saved for 60 days. Example if the job was requested on 1st April, you can view the delivered job up to 31st May and your job will be removed from 1st June.

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